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Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Blind Side Movie Review

I chose this movie almost at random from a Redbox machine just to have
 something relaxing to do this evening. It was the first movie title on the list I had recognized that wasn’t a horror film (I don’t like to be scared, and certainly not right before bed!) I remembered it from an article on the Oscar nominated films I had read back during Oscar season, and I figured that if it had been nominated for awards it at least shouldn’t suck. As it turns out we both enjoyed it even though neither of us likes football. Although much of the film centered on football practices and games there is also a really solid focus on family dynamics and human interactions. The focus of the plot is not about football games and winning or losing so much as it is about the joy that both the privileged white family and the underprivileged black youth they have taken in have in the relationship. It’s about how they help each other out in their own ways and become a cohesive, loving and supportive family. For me the ending was a surprise, not knowing much about the movie beforehand I was pleasantly surprised to find that this movie was based on a true story. With a little artistic license the story told in this movie really happened to a boy and a family and as a result the young man ended up an NFL player with a college education. We found it to be a heartwarming story that was well presented and considered the acting done by the main characters to be very convincing and well done.

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