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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Silver and his Box

Silver in his box, intently staring at...well I don't really know, but clearly not the camera!
You might not know this, but cats really like boxes. Well, at least mine do! So I thought I would share some fun photos of Silver enjoying the box to our new space heater.

 I took these over the course of about 5 minutes and yes I found him this way, these are the non blurry ones anyway, cats can be unpredictable moving targets! Lighting was also a challenge as he picked a spot away from lamps. Oddly enough he only plays with the ladybug toy while he is playing with this box.
So I'm in a box, cuddling with my ladybug toy, so what?
I don't have to talk to you.
Talk to the paw lady!
Did I eat all of that cardboard?

Maybe I just needed some extra fiber in my diet, doesn't everyone eat cardboard for breakfast?
Excuse me! I am going to pounce!
Or not, you scared away the shadow I was gonna catch! You annoy me.
Returning to base!
 Yes, my cat does in fact appear to eat cardboard. Hopefully this isn't too bad for his health. Although I am not sure how much they actually eat versus the amount they shred and drag all over my carpet to force me to vacuum! And in case anyone was wondering, the space heater is lovely!

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