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Monday, September 13, 2010

World War Z by Max Brooks Book Review

When I first read the back of the book cover, I thought this would be a really scary book to read, you know, the kind that gives you nightmares?
 (so far only one zombie nightmare, not bad!) Horror is not usually a genre I enjoy, but this book was very engaging. It the story of a worldwide zombie problem, how it occurred and how it was dealt with. The author writes this as a series of vignettes, personal stories of survivors and their experiences at different points. It ends up flowing nicely though some suspension of disbelief is required, it ends up raising some interesting questions about the way the world works today and how could we and would we come together to solve a problem that threatened us all. I couldn’t put it down much to my surprise! Definitely an interesting horror/comedy/action mix here. I would recommend this for any teenage to young adult male you’d like to get reading instead of just playing video games, it seems like it could be right up their alley!

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