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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Today’s Yard work Project - Planting Citrus Trees in Really Big Pots

I’ve had this crazy idea in my head for a while, that it would be really cool to have my very own fruit trees in my yard. Our backyard is not all that big and not much was done with it when we moved in; as in it’s mostly weeds. Perusing the gardening aisle at Home Depot I found these darling dwarf citrus trees.
Right now they are small, each is only about two feet high, but according to the tag they can get from 6-10’ tall.
Having already done a little bit of research on the kinds of trees that do well in containers, I knew these were good candidates. The challenge though was finding pots that were both big enough for the trees and small enough for my wallet. After analyzing both the tree section and the pots section I found pots that I thought looked nice enough, deep enough for trees, and because they are square on the sides should also be easier to move inside when/if temperatures go below freezing during winter nights. Also they had three that matched, and I found three trees we liked. We ended up bringing home: a Meyer Lemon, a Pink Variegated Lemon, and a Clementine Mandarin. The mandarin already has a little green fruit on it!
Our yard was a pretty sad and dull looking place as you can see. But these trees really brought some life to it!



Step 1 dirt in the pot and put the tree in

Planting the trees was quite a bit of work and ended up taking us the whole afternoon. We had fun with it though. And even put together a step by step series of photos!
Once tree is placed fill in area around it with more soil
Add a mulch top layer to each pot
Of course Skippy thought we were crazy "What are you doing out there?"
Finally tamp down mulch and your tree is ready to go!

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